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            ALERT OS X Mojave 10 v2

            ALERT  OS X Mojave 10.14  Known Issues 

            Edition date: (v2) 24 April 2019

            Features introduced in the macOS update 10.14 Mojave (Sept 18) have caused minor issues for  Wordshark 5 and Numbershark 5 downloads, USB and DVD products: We are aware and working towards a resolution, but this is proving more time-consuming than for most OSX updates.

            We are still receiving occasional reports from users about further issues following this macOS update.

            Please contact support@wordshark.co.uk if you would appreciate an email from us if/when we manage to produce a patch to resolve any of these issues. 

            We will appreciate an email from you if you notice any malfunction that is NOT on the following list of known issues already identified:  

            1. A very small number of users have reported that Numbershark 5 downloads have given an error “Can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer”. Fix: go to “System Preferences / Security & Privacy / Allow Numbershark 5 to run anyway”
            2. There is a delay between entering a name being prompted for a password 
            3. There is a delay when signing in with a pupil account
            4. The option to change a user icon is not working (Settings for username/Your icon)
            5. When setting work, if you select a green heading and drop this into the basket the word list, the heading does not appear. Fix: Click on the heading again to choose individual lists or mixed lists. The list will appear.
            6. Using the “Quick sign on” from within an Admin account: After choosing a student there is a delay in signing in. Further, if this student is a new user, who has not yet logged into the program, the student selection box cannot be closed until you exit from the welcome video. 
            7. On first log in the Admin is unable to “Add students” (from within the Admin / Add and manage menu). Clicking on the menu “Admin/Add and Manage students and staff”  closes the window, but leaves the program open in the dock.  Fix:  A restart of the program appears to resolve this issue.  IF using the USB product, closing the program, ejecting the USB, removing from the USB port then reinserting the USB and re-opening the program  resolves this issue.

            Updated: 29 Jul 2019 08:23 PM
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