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            Can I use Wordshark with the Hebrew language just by changing the letters to Hebrew?

            Can I use Wordshark with the Hebrew language just by changing the letters to Hebrew?  

            Edition dated 07/05/2019

            You will have realised that Wordshark is a really lovely program tfor use with languages other than "just" English!

            Several Jewish schools and families use Wordshark 5, in part for the English content, but also for the elements in the program that allow Hebrew to be used.

            If you already have Wordshark 5 and need help with making Hebrew lists please contact Support for further guidance.

            The simple act of substituting Hebrew letters with English ones, or vice versa, is unlikely to be helpful. The English word “horse” for example has a different sound in Hebrew, is spelled differently, and of course written right to left in Hebrew but left to right in English:


            Because Hebrew direction of writing is from right to left, and Wordshark 5 is programmed for Roman/English left to right text input, some of our games do not work (generally some spelling games where you have to input text in Hebrew). Others work well.  We are aware there is a need for improvement here – we recognise the size of the market for Hebrew/Arabic/Persian/Urdu Sindhi “right to left” horizontal script languages – and also recognise the size of the programming challenge!

            Practically, if you were to be using Wordshark in a “Hebrew only” mode, you would need to type in your own vocabulary, and (a simple move) “exclude” the games that would not work well.

            A Wordshark list may be created entirely in Hebrew, and/or also created as a “translation” list – e.g. English to Hebrew or vice versa.

            It is also possible to create a 3-way translation list:

            • e.g. with English text, a picture of the Hebrew text, and a sound in German
            • e.g. with Hebrew text a “real life” picture of an object, a sound in Hebrew and a 2nd sound in any other language

            Once a list is created, it is possible to “Save as”.  This may be useful if, for example, you have created a list in Yiddish, but wish to make a related list in Sephardic or Ashkenazi, just changing the elements that differ.

            Updated: 07 May 2019 12:24 AM
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