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            Creating a Desk Top Icon for a Downloaded Wordshark or Numbershark 5

            Creating a Desk Top Icon for a Downloaded Wordshark or Numbershark 5  

            Edition 01/04/2019

            During installation onto a Windows computer, our install process will create a desktop launch icon.

            This can be deleted accidentally.  This help-sheet shows how to create a replacement icon for Wordshark. The process for Numbershark is similar.

            To create a new shortcut icon, find the folder “Wordshark-programs”.

            This is usually on the c: drive / Program files (x86) / White Space Ltd / wordshark 5 Stand-alone / wordshark-programs.

            Inside wordshark-programs, RIGHT-click on “Wordshark5”, and “send to desktop (Create shortcut)”.

            This will place a shortcut icon on your desktop.  Find this, and RIGHT-click  “Rename” to something more snappy if you wish.

            Next, find where you have stored your data.  This is usually in a hidden folder:  Open Explorer, and ensure that hidden items are shown: Search or browse, find the “wordshark-shared” folder and make a note of where it is.  The default is c:\ProgramData\White Space Ltd\Wordshark 5 Stand-alone\wordshark-shared

            This screenshot may help:

            Return to your desktop icon.

            Then RIGHT-click, “Properties”, and go to the “shortcut” tab. Paste or type the location of your wordshark-shared data folder into the “Start-In” path.  The end result should be something like this, below.  Repeat for Numbershark. 

            If this procedure does not work for you, please contact support@wordshark.co.uk 

            Updated: 02 Apr 2019 08:18 PM
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