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            Error Code 10 for DVD or Activated Download on Windows - with screenshots

            Error Code 10 for DVD or Activated Download on Win7, 8 or 10, with screenshots

            Edition date: 27 Mar 19

            (This “help” page has been created using Win 7)

            An Error Code 10 means that users do not have the correct permissions to access the wordshark-shared folder. This can happen if:

            • The program was installed as a restricted user instead of a computer administrator
            • Additional windows securities are in place preventing access to the location the program has been installed
            • User account control is set up and the machine has created 'virtual stores' for each user

            In order to resolve the issues above please uninstall the program and then reinstall as the computer administrator. 

            To uninstall the program, go to start (round windows icon ), control panel, Programs and Features and select 'uninstall a program'. Locate Wordshark in the list and click on it. Click uninstall.

            To check who is the computer administrator go to start, control panel, user accounts. This will take you to the account of the user signed on. You can check all user accounts by clicking on manage another account. A user account will either say Administrator, Standard or Guest.

            Once you have uninstalled the program reinstall it but this time when prompted to 'Choose Destination Location' do not accept the default path of 'C:\Program Files\Wordshark 4' but click on "Change…": 

            Choose 'C\Users\Public'. Look down the list under Program Files for Users. 

            Click on 'Users' and find 'Public'. Double-click on 'Public'. The new path C:\Users\Public will now show under Path: 

            Click on OK. The next screen will show the new destination location as C:\Users\Public. Click on next.

            The next screen will show the location for the shared folder. This should already be set to C:\Users\Public. Click next:

            Click 'Install'. 

            The program should then run through the installation and open to the first sign on screen.

            Updated: 02 Apr 2019 10:31 PM
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