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            Error Code 15 for Wordshark

            Error Code 15 for Wordshark (this affects USBs only)

            • An anti-virus program has blocked the Wordshark 5 USB.app (Mac) or Wordshark 5 USB.exe (Windows) which is required to run the program. Check in the anti-virus program under ‘blocked’/’quarantine’ - and restore if necessary.

            • This USB is not recognised as valid, for example you are not running from the original USB.

            For Mac users, the WS-SHARED partition has been renamed in error. The USB has two partitions WORDSHARK and WS-SHARED. If one or other partition is not correctly addressed, the program will not be able to recognise it.

            • For Mac users, the ICON in the dock has become invalid. Eject/Un-mount both partitions of the USB, remove any remaining Wordshark 5 USB icons from the Dock (drag to trash) and then reinsert the stick. If the icon will not delete, reboot machine. To reinstate the icon in the Dock, find the Wordshark 5 USB application on the ‘WORDSHARK’ volume of the USB stick and drag and drop it to the Dock.

            Updated: 02 Apr 2019 08:00 PM
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