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            Error Code 16 installing DVD for Mac OSX

            Error Code 16 installing DVD for Mac OSX 

            Edition: 1 Aug 2018


            Since our Wordshark and Numbershark 5 DVDs ceased production,  Apple have further upgraded and altered their OSX operating system. As a result, customers upgrading OSX may experience an “Error Code 16” when attempting to install or run either Wordshark 5 DVDs or Numbershark 5 DVDs.


            We have produced a fix for this issue for both programs, available as free downloads: 

            Please start with Apple/System Preferences/Security, and check that you are ALLOWING applications that are “From Mac App Store and identified developers” (“everyone” will also work).  Then click to download the patch for your program and read the instructions below whilst the file downloads. Download time will vary depending on your broadband connection speed. 





            The .dmg file is usually saved into the downloads folder, unless you have specified an alternative location:

            To apply the download:

            • Start by checking the program DVD is NOT currently in your DVD drive.
            • Delete the current Wordshark/Numbershark 5 program by dragging it from Applications to Trash.
            • If you have the program icon in the dock please also delete this.
            • Double click on the .dmg file to mount the disk image. This should appear on your desktop:

            • This installation window may appear automatically after a few seconds. If it does not, double-click the disk image to open this window:

            • Drag the Wordshark/Numbershark 5 folder into the Applications folder, as shown by the grey arrow above.
            • After copying has finished, unmount the disk image by dragging to Trash, or by ejecting from ‘devices’.
            • Insert your program DVD into the machine. Give it a few seconds to be recognised by the OSX.
            • Go to your Applications folder. Launch the program via the Wordshark/Numbershark 5 app.
            • You can drag the app to your dock for easy access in the future.

            Updated: 02 Apr 2019 11:01 PM
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