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            Error Code 59 for Networks

            Error Code 59 for Networks

            Edition dated 04 -04-2019

            This error is common to:  Wordshark & Numbershark, v4.10 and v5, activated network product.

            This error occurs when the program is unable to find the XML file that should be on the root of the wordshark-shared or numbershark-shared program folder on the server, OR the XML file is expected to be found in a different location. This may happen for several reasons, described below.

            When you installed our Wordshark or Numbershark program and activated the licence, the licence was verified against a location and a machine, and a resultant code placed in registry and licence file. The registry is used by the program to find its various elements.

            If wishing to move the shared data folder (wordshark-shared or numbershark-shared), either within a single server or when migrating to a new server, you need to deactivate first, then uninstall the C-Server or S-Server, reinstall to the new location and then reactivate at the new location. 

            Moving the shared folder without following this process will upset the licencing and registry entries, resulting in Error 59. This error indicates that a licence & config file are missing from the shared folder OR are reported to be in an incorrect location.  

            The most common reasons are:

            At, or shortly after, initial install:

            • The program has not yet been activated in order to authorise the program to run. The install instructions and Troubleshooting Guide Stages 1 – 2 need to be revisited.
            • After installing the server components of the program, the program needs to be activated via by the Manager,  and is then monitored by the Service. If the Manager and Service have not been installed, then the install needs to be completed as per the install instructions.
            • The Manager and Service require .net Framework 3.5 (see our “Minimum Specification” section in the instructions) in order to run. If you have Server 2008 or 2012 you may find you have .net Framework 4 or 4.5. These are not adequate. Refer to our Troubleshooting guide.
            • Ensure you have a SINGLE instance of your data folder (wordshark-shared or numbershark-shared), and that your White Space Network Manager/Service AND your client computer desktop icon “Start in” paths are pointing to exactly the same single instance of your data folder:  Error Code 59 can easily occur if you have activated your licence to one location, but client computers are looking at a different location.

            After the program has been working as intended:

            This normally occurs only if the wordshark-shared or numbershark-shared data folder has been moved, or the path changed, or the “start-in” address in the client desktops has been changed.

            • If changes to locations is required, then deactivate the licence. The path can then be changed from within our network MANAGER 1.0.33 (from Nov 14) or later, and also in the desktop icon properties / Shortcuts tab “Start in”. Ensure UNC paths are used throughout, modified in Registry as explained in Stage 1 of the install instructions.
            • If you have an earlier MANAGER, then this is not possible. We recommend you update to the latest MANAGER.  The latest White Space Network Manager can be uploaded free of charge – see Appendix L of the installation guide.

            You may alternatively attempt a repair:

            • First, move the whole folder back to its original position: The program will attempt a self – repair. See if this works for Admin users.
            • Second, deactivate your licence. Please open your White Space MANAGER, click on [programname], and click on the “Change” button, and agree to deactivate.
            • Uninstall the C-Server or S-Server for [programname] to remove the registry entries.
            • Reinstall, to create a new [programname]-shared folder. Share and ensure correct permissions. Whilst reinstalling, it is worth using the latest MSIs from the download site for your program/version (see initial documentation).
            • Restart the SERVICE and MANAGER: Check to see that these have picked up the new UNC path.
            • Activate the licence from within MANAGER.
            • At that stage, make a copy of the old [programname]-shared folder.
            • DELETE from the copy of the old [programname]-shared folder the files “options.sha” and the “XML” file in the root of the folder.  Also delete the subfolders except “Resources” [if present]. 
            • Move all of the remaining contents of the copy of the [programname]-shared folder into the new [programname]-shared folder. 
            • Run the program and test.

            The server is temporarily not functioning, or communication to it has been lost.

            The XML file may have been deleted. This will normally self-repair after restart of the program. If it does not, open the MANAGER and reactivate the program.

            There are quite a large number of things that could go wrong in this process. Please be ready to contact us. We can help better if you  send us the diagnostics & other details listed in the network install instructions and here

            Updated: 03 Apr 2019 09:13 PM
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