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            Error Code 9 DVD and Activations

            Error Code 9: DVDs and Activated Downloads

            During installation onto a Windows computer, our install process creates a desktop launch icon, available to all users.

            An error code 9 means that the program install process has been unable to create the user data folder  (wordshark-shared or numbershark-shared), which is located on your computer and created when you install the program, or has been blocked from creating the desktop icon.  

            This is normally due to the program not being installed by the computer administrator. 

            Users who are not the administrator do not have the necessary permissions to write to registry:

            For non-networked machines (home machines) ensure you are logged onto the program as the computer administrator when installing the program. 

            For networked machines it may be necessary to install as the domain administrator and not the local administrator.

            Check the ‘control panel’\’user accounts’ for administrator account. Uninstall as the user who installed originally, and re-install signed on as the administrator.

            Accidental Deletion after install:

            The desktop icon can be deleted accidentally. Either reinstall, or see our helpsheet  “Creating a Desk Top Icon for a Downloaded Wordshark or Numbershark 5”,  which shows how to create a replacement icon for Wordshark. The process for Numbershark is similar.

            Updated: 23 Apr 2019 09:04 PM
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