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            FAQ Some of my games or features have gone missing

            FAQ Some of my games have gone missing!

            Edition: 24-April-2019

            Both Wordshark 5 and Numbershark 5 include a wide variety of games. However, the number of games available to you varies, based on which Wordshark word list or Numbershark topic that you have selected.

            We have carefully matched the games available to ensure they work with your chosen word list or topic. 

            In many cases, you will see a tab that lists a few “specially recommended” games, more “also recommended” and then a tab that shows “all available games” You will not see all of the games for any list.

            We hide games that would not work:

            • In Numbershark “Fractions” topics, for example, we only display games that only work for “Fractions”. 
            • In Wordshark, some games, e.g. “add suffix” would not be appropriate for a list in which the words could not have suffixes.  If learning letters of the alphabet, games that build a word from syllables such as “Hunt Syllables” would similarly be inappropriate to include in the selection available.

            In Wordshark, some games will only appear in specific contexts.

            • “Classify” will only appear when you have a list with phrases or sentences selected, where these sentences or phrases can be sorted in some way.   
            • Other games will only appear if you are in “Phonics” mode – and others only in “whole word” mode. 
            • Some will appear only if you go to Actions / Own Word Lists, and create a word list with 4 or more words, AND record a sound for each. MORE games will appear if you ensure each has a picture EVEN MORE will appear if you click the green spanner to create a “Definition” or “Language/translation” list AND record a 2nd sound (definition or language).

            In BOTH programs, you can go to the “Search” menu, and see the range of games within “Game Search”.

            Options within games:

            Many games have an “Options” button (top left of screen). Options selected can make a big difference to the appearance and difficulty of a given game.

            Try experimenting with the options in  “Maze” in Wordshark. In Numbershark, try  “Balance” on some easy addition, using the “options”. For a greater challenge look at “Fractions / Adding fractions with denominators that are not multiples” and look at the options in “Majong”.

            Updated: 23 Apr 2019 09:22 PM
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