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            Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile (USB products only)

            Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile

            Edition date: 15-4-2019

            This error message for Wordshark 5 or Numbershark 5 USBs indicates that the “read only” part of the USB has failed and needs to be replaced.

            • This is free of charge within one year of purchase date.
            • Sales@wordshark.co.uk  can provide the “replacement price” which is significantly lower than the “initial purchase price”.

            Whilst USBs are inherently more prone to failure and loss than the “Download” products, following advice given on our help-sheet is likely to extend the life of the replacement:


            If you use the program on a single computer only:

            An “activated download” onto a single machine may meet your needs better, be much harder to break/lose, and enable you to be “up and running” faster. Sales@wordshark.co.uk can advise on exchanging your USB product for an “activated download”.

            Updated: 23 Apr 2019 09:02 PM
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